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Pet Health - Cats

Your Shedding pet

Just like us, animals are affected by the changing of the seasons. So don’t be alarmed if your pet sheds its fur like a tree loses its leaves in the fall.  Here are a few tips to help reduce the shedding:

1)   Brush your pet regularly during this period. By removing the dead hair, you will reduce the amount found on your furniture, floors and clothing.

2)   Feed your pet a high quality food to prevent excessive fur loss and to maintain a healthy coat.  If you notice that your pet sheds a great deal, opt for a food specially designed to treat skin problems. 

3)   If your pet’s shedding season seems to drag on, adding omega-3 supplements to its diet can help. You’ll see an improvement in your animal’s skin and coat.

Ask your PETMOBILE representative for details (OU) more information